Yucaipa, California
Faith Lutheran Church

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Yucaipa, California 92399

12449 California Street, Yucaipa, CA 92399 (909) 790-1816

Office Hours: 8:30 am - 2:45 pm Tu-Fr (Closed for Lunch 12:30-1 pm)

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Our Mission:  "Living a life of Faith, we share the joy of the Gospel, gathering people hungry for Christ's hope, love, and healing."

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A Brief History

Faith Lutheran Church in Yucaipa was founded in September 1949 under Pastor Robert Rismiller.  Initially, the congregation met in the Yucaipa Women's Club, and, for a time, in a local mortuary.  The first purchase of property on the present site was made in 1951.  Over the next decade, additional property was purchased as the congregation utilized the old Parish Hall and other housing on the site.  The present sanctuary was completed in 1965 and further construction took place when the first floor of the Parish building was erected in 1979.  It was at that time that the Day Care Center was opened in an effort to further serve the community.  The second floor of the Parish Building, including the expansive Faith Fellowship Hall, stage, and kitchen, was completed during the next decade.  In recent years, Faith Lutheran Church has made a significant impact on the local community with its Food Pantry which provides food for those in need two Saturdays every month.

Pastors who have served Faith Lutheran Church as primary or associate pastor include the founder, Rev. Robert Rismiller, Rev. Robert Kerstetter, Rev. Aaron Plueger, Rev. Dr. George Roleder, Rev. Ray Johnson, Rev. Paul Jorstad, Rev. Larry Wagner, Rev. Tim Drom, Rev. Patrice Nordstrand, Rev. Ken Severa, Rev. Patricia Hoenshell,  Rev. Jan Womer, and Rev. Elizabeth Williams.  Many intern pastors trained at Faith Lutheran, as well.  Pastor John Bunge currently serves as Interim Pastor at Faith.

Faith Lutheran Church entered into a collaboration in 2013 with St. Alban's Episcopal Church, often joining forces for social and outreach projects.




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